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Rotamag Track Equipment also known as the Rotamag Rail Division was a Sheffield based company, and were once a leading force in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of tools and track maintenance equipment for the railway industry.

The Rotamag Rail Division supplied rail drills, cutters, trolleys, and various other rail maintenance plant tools suitable for a variety of different railway applications.

In January 2009 Rotamag Track Equipment was acquired by International Products (UK) Ltd. The newly acquired company rebranded as Tracman Ltd later that year, and apparently dropped the Rotomag branded products and ceased supplying the UK rail industry.

Rotamag TRACMAX Rail Lights


Designed with maintenance in mind, the TRACMAX link light was produced by Rotamag and intended to compete with the already established Linklite temporary lighting system.

The product incorporated a gear tray system very similar to the Linklite Mk III which allowed access to all the internal components without the need for splitting or resealing the lens casing.

Rotamag asserted that the development of their TRACMAX lighting had "progressed to a dimension ready to conquer all before it".

Rotamag's link light products are no longer available.

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Rotamag Rail Division logo
Rotamag lights - no longer available
Rotamag lamp head - no longer available
Rotamag TRACMAX Lamp Head
Rotamag basket - no longer available
Rotamag TRACMAX Basket
Rotamag ground spike - no longer available
Rotamag TRACMAX Ground Spike